We are helping people with Alzheimer's disease

Our team has four members. We work together on project Alice.  Our project was based on our common motivation, which is a need to help. Alzheimer's disease is currently incurable and therefore we have decided that we want to make the lives as easy as possible for patients and their families. 

Our project is aimed at helping families whose member suffers from Alzheimer's disease. All of us are united in the desire to help and improve our society.

What is Alice

Alice is service for people who takes care of patients in early stage of Alzheimer's disease. These people live at home, but they need help with daily based activities from their family relatives who does not have time and experiences with taking care of people with this disease. Alice is complex of three technologies such as audio chips, application for samrtwatches and application for training memory. These technologies remind daily based activities to the patient. They also inform carers about activities of patient.



Application for Smartwatch, which patient wears still on wrist. We offer application with cooking mode right now. Patient will press the start cooking when she begins with cooking. In interval of three minutes watch will say: "Do not forget that you are cooking." Right now we are developing other modes for this application.

Audio chips

Audio chips placed appropriately in the apartment for reminding daily based activities. We use two types of audio chips. One of them is light sensor chip and can be used for example in hall where patient will turn on the light before she leaves the apartment and the chip will say: "Do not forget to take your keys, mobile phone and lock the door."

Application for training memory

Application for training memory is unique because it includes questions like: What is your husband´s name? How many grandchildren have you got? Family relatives can edit the questions in application. They can set if patient will choose the right answer or she will have to write the correct answer. They can also insert photos and patient has to recognize who is in the photo.


If you need help to take care of patient with Alzheimer's disease do not hesitate to contact us.

  • phone: +420 732 364 983
  • e-mail: info@alicehelp.com
Vodafone foundation supported project Alice help in program "Laboratoř Nadace Vodafone 2016/2017."